Lockdown Activities For Father's Day!

With this second wave of Covid over-shadowing all of our events and celebrations, it can be hard to find something fun to do for Father's Day whilst being locked down and restricted to your home. So, we've compiled a list of enjoyable, family-friendly activities for your to do with Dad this Father's Day, September the 5th!

Games Marathon

Pile up your favourite board games, puzzles and cards and set up a score board. Tally up who wins each round and compete against the family in a friendly round of games! Check out our range of puzzles, games and fun prizes to use!

Cook Up A Storm

Choose an entree, main course, sides and dessert and order your groceries in advance. Then distribute cooking tasks amongst the family to match everyone's skills and strengths. Hopefully you'll have a successful delicious meal you can all share at the end. Who knows, you might love it so much that this becomes your new family tradition! Make it extra special with our melamine meal time wares!

Binge Watch A Blockbuster Trilogy

Transform your lounge room into a comfy pillow palace, stock up on food and snacks, and line up a blockbuster series to watch through out the day! Take on the wizarding world of Harry Potter, dive into the galaxy of Star Wars, or consider the fantastical universe of The Hunger Games! There's soo many to choose and you'll all be taken on an adventure out of this world! 


Family Themed Trivia

Each family member writes 15-20 questions inspired by facts about your family, then take turns being the quiz master and score up each round. Extra fun if you can work in photos, audio and video to your questions! Family member with the most points wins!


Family Portait Art

Order some simple art supplies, or make use of some left over from school projects and get your family to paint/draw each other's portrait! When they're all completed cut them out and stick them all together for a fun eclectic home-made work of art you can all be proud of!

Family Olympics

Admittedly you may want a little room for this activity, but try make-do with the space you have by clearing out any bulky furniture, or if you have a garden or outdoor complex setup out there. Try these family fun sports below, and to take it to the next level try and come up with a creative opening and closing ceremony too!

Bouncing Basket Ball Everyone is given ten ping pong balls, place a laundry basket in the centre of a room with hard floors (carpet won't work!) then have all players stand in a circle perimeter around the laundry basket. Players have ten chances (their ten ping pong balls) to bounce a ping pong ball into the basket in the centre of the circle. Players get one point for each ball in the basket at the end of the round.

Balancing Act Mark out a 3 metre piece of tape on the floor. Players have to walk from one end of the tape to the other while balancing a book on their head. If the book falls off or they step off the line, they receive no points. If they make it across with one book, they receive one point and can try again with more books. Set a time limit to get the whole family racing!

Go Go Golf Tape two long horizontal parallel lines on one end of the room, spaced about 30cms apart from one another. Tape another long horizontal line about 6 metres from the first two lines, on the other side of the room. Players will each be given five golf balls and a broom. Using just the broom as the putter, players have to try to putt the golf balls to land in between the two lines. They can’t be touching the line, they have to be in between the two lines. Players receive one point for any golf ball that lands in between the two lines.


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