Behind The Collection: Serendipity

As a brand, La La Land has been labelled by many as one of the pioneers of the huge Australiana trend. Our founder and creative director, Elie Azzi recently discussed in the I Still Call Australian Home podcast what the inspiration was over ten years ago to start Australiana outside of the souvenir world.

Since then, the rise in Australiana has been embraced by many brands who have created ranges that explore the flora and fauna of our beautiful country. To continue the evolution but, at the same time, remain ahead of the game, Azzi is constantly working to think of creative and unconventional ways to explore  Australiana. 

2021 has seen La La Land move away from cute Australian animal portraits and the traditional settings of birds and flowers... giving way for a new evolved spin on Australiana, evident in the brand new range, Serendipity. And just like the name suggests, this collection is ethereal, unusual and very beautiful. 

Australia is a cultural melting pot, boasting influences in our architecture and design from all across the world. Our latest collection, Serendipity, is a sophisticated spin on the fusion of these cultures that thrive here in Australia, exploring aspects from Europe and the Asia Pacific.

We’ve integrated these decorative elements to celebrate our own re-imagined take on Australiana with the use of patterns, plinths, and illustrative embellishments from European and Asian styles of art.

Serendipity celebrates the beauty of all cultures by adorning these symbols on Australian native animals. The collection adds style, sophistication, and the essence of modern Australia into your home.

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