30 Christmas Gifts for Her

Christmas is right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about Christmas gifts for her! 

As you know, women can be very hard to buy for. Every woman has her own style and taste. It can be hard to get it just right. Thankfully, there are a few ideas that will almost always be suitable.

If you’re not sure what to buy, a few sly questions to the friends and family of your giftee will guide you in the right direction. When it comes to office Secret Santa gifts or presents for women you don’t know well, it’s always a good idea to err on the side of caution.

At La La Land, there is no end of Christmas gifts for her but we have faves from other brands as well. Read on for an extensive list of excellent gift ideas to brighten any lady’s Christmas at prices that will make you smile. You will also find links so you can easily order online.

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Her for Under $50

1. Foldable Shopper Bag (various designs)

Bringing your own bag is the way of the future but you don’t have to use the ugly green ones from the supermarket. Gift your friend or loved one with a stylish and planet-friendly foldable bag from La La Land.

Foldable Shopper Bag Love From Down Under Map 

Foldable Shopper Bag Love From Down Under Map

2. Butt Naked Body scrub 

When it comes to Christmas gifts for her, you can’t go wrong with body scrub. Butt Naked’s coffee epsom body scrub or coconut lemon sugar body scrubs will be a lovely treat.



coffee and epsom body scrub

Image taken from Butt Naked


3. Moon Artisanal Body oil

With Moon Artisinals body oil, not only will you help your friend or loved one’s skin feel great, you will help her smell amazing too!




4. Ceramic mug

Who couldn’t use more mugs? A stylish mug is an excellent addition to the home or the office. La La Land’s whimsical and fun designs do not disappoint.

Summer Adventures 

Wild Fur You  

Tropical Abode 

Ceramic Mug from La la land


5. Scented candles

A scented candle is another easy win. Encased in stylish glass, Glasshouse candles have subtle but evocative scents. They are guaranteed to add a beautiful aroma to a room without being overpowering.



Persia Jasmine Wood & Vanilla Triple Scented Candle by Glasshouse Fragrances

 Image taken from Glasshouse Fragrances


6. World Map

Is the lady you’re buying for a traveller? If so, Monsterthreads has you covered with their brilliant scratch world maps. Your giftee can scratch off countries on the map as they visit them!

Scratch World Map  

Scratch World Map (Large)  

Scratch world map

Image taken from Monster Threads


7. Christmas gifts for her: Tea towels

Tea towels are a necessity in the kitchen but they don’t have to be plain. La La Land has amazing Aussie Christmas themed tea towels that will make a perfect gift for anyone who has a kitchen!

Tea Towel All I Want For   

All I want for Christmas Tea Towel

8. Bath bombs                                                  

A great go-to when buying a Christmas gift for her, Annabel Trends’ bath bombs won’t hurt your purse.

Bath Bomb Gift Set – Relax Unwind 

Bath Bomb Gift Set – Roses 

Bath Bomb Gift Set – Roses

Image taken from Annabel Trends


9. 3D Christmas bauble

There’s no better time of year to give Christmas decorations. La La Land’s range of 3D baubles spruce up any Christmas tree and make a perfect Christmas gift for her.

The nice thing about giving a Christmas bauble is that the person you share it with will be reminded of you every December.

3D Bauble Tiffany Cat  

Bauble Pugsley Dog  

3D Bauble Franky Sloth 

3D Bauble Franky Sloth


10. Glasses case and cloth                                           

Glasses cases always come in handy to protect and store reading glasses. These ones from Annabel Trends are practical and stylish, and they come with a handy microfibre cloth. 

Glasses Combo – Tropical Vibe 

Glasses Combo – Jungle Spot

Glasses Combo – Jungle Spot

Image taken from Annabel Trends


11. Tea caddy

Most women (and a lot of men, of course) enjoy a cup of tea. A beautiful tea caddy is a great gift. Bits of Australia have the nicest that you will find and they are affordably priced.

 White Tea & Rose Petal Loose Leaf Tea Caddy


12. Clutch purse (various designs)

A clutch purse always comes in handy. La La Land has a stunning Aussie themed clutch. You can also choose something something a little naughty with their ‘Wild for You ‘ design.

Clutch Purse Tropical Abode  

Clutch Purse Wild Fur You

Wild fur you clutch purse


13. Fragrant room diffuser 

A less intrusive option than scented candles, diffusers bring a subtle fragrance to enhance any room.

Available at Myer, you won’t find a better smelling or more fashionable diffuser than Peppermint Grove Australia’s stunning range. These make great gifts as they last almost all year.

Sugared Shortbread Large Diffuser 350ml

Crisp Pine Large Diffuser 350ml 

Crisp pine large diffuser 350ml

Image taken from Peppermint Grove Australia 


14. Gifts for her: Underwater camera

Sunnylife’s underwater camera makes trips to the beach, snorkeling or even a laugh in the pool with some friends even better. Not only do these cameras take amazing underwater digital pics, but they also look super cool too.

Underwater Camera Jungle  

Underwater Camera Dolce Vita 


15. Kombucha kit

Kombucha is trendy, delicious and healthy and you can make it at home! A great Christmas gift for her, Mad Millie’s kombucha kit will allow the kombucha lover in your life to brew her own.

Bottom’s up! 

Kombucha kit 



16. Jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to relax and blow off the day’s stress. With some stunning Australian themed designs, La La Land’s puzzles are perfect for gals who love a challenge. 

Puzzle Love From Down Under 

Puzzle Tropical Abode 

Tropical abode puzzle


17. Heat pillow

A heated pillow is a perfect for aches and pains but it need not be bland. Again, we look to Annabel Trends for our faves. They have stunning Aussie themed heat pillows that will make the perfect Christmas gift for her. 

Cockatoo Design Heat Pillow  

Down Under Heat Pillow Coral Red 

Image taken from Annabel Trends


18. Reusable coffee cup 

Disposable coffee cups a big environmental no-no these days. Buy her a stunning Aussie themed reusable coffee cup from La La Land’s beautiful collection. She will be stylish while helping the planet.

Ceramic Coffee Cup Koala Hugs 

Ceramic Coffee Cup Love From Down Under 

Love from down under coffee cup


19. 2020 diary

Everyone needs a diary to stay on top of their to-do list so it’s a gift that will never go astray. Thanks to La La Land, anyone who you gift a diary to will have a stunning design to admire any time they wish to save a date or make a note. 

2020 Australian Chinoiserie Diary  

2020 Tropical Abode Diary 

2020 Tropical Abode Diary


Gifts under $100 

20. Christmas gifts for her: Empire of Bees Purse                 

A lady can’t have too many purses. At Empire of Bees, they have stunning and simple designs suitable for any woman to love.

Tan Leather Penny's Purse  

Navy Blue Leather Penny's Purse  

Empire of bees' Navy Blue Leather Penny's Purse

Image taken from Empire of Bees


21. Cocktail shaker and glass set

Who doesn’t love a cocktail on a warm summer evening? It doesn’t even have to be alcoholic. Check out Sunnylife’s stunning cocktail shaker and glass set for a stylish summer cocktail.




22. Sand free towel

The good folks at Tesalate have designed an amazing sand-free towel that saves all that shaking. These towels are immensely popular over summer and they are great-looking too. 

Paradise Found 


Image taken from Tesalate



23. Tea set 

Teapots and cats go hand in hand for some reason! This tea set from Monsterthreads is tres cute.

Black Kitty Tea for One Set 

Black kitty tea for one set

Image taken from Monster Threads


24. Reusable water bottle 

Everyone knows the value of staying hydrated these days but we also want to avoid environmentally unfriendly plastic bottles. A Wicks and Stones water bottle available at Myer is one of the prettiest and most stylish bottles you can buy. This stunning bottle is also imbued with healing crystals to help energise your life.

Drink Bottle - Rose Gold 

Drink Bottle - Bamboo 


25. Bath robe 

Have you guessed we love Annabel Trends? This brand has been providing Aussies with stylish home comforts for over 40 years. They get comfort and style and their beautiful bathrobes are no exception. 

Bath Robe – Crushed Velvet Kimono – Rose 

Bath Robe – Super Soft Waffle – WomensBath Robe – Super Soft Waffle – Womens

Image taken from Annabel Trends


26. Picnic mat 

One summer accessory every Aussie needs is a picnic mat. At Kollab they have designed the perfect picnic mats for Australia. Big, bold and easy to fold, their water-proof mats are a perfect gift for anyone who loves the outdoors. 

Picnic Mats from Kollab  


27. Instax Mini camera                                        

Bringing back all the fun of the old Polaroid cameras, Instax Mini cameras from Fujifilm are a great accessory for parties. Not only that, they make a great Christmas gift for her because they come in pink and ice blue!

Instax Mini 9 Instant camera - Flamingo Pink  

Instax Mini 9 Instant camera - Ice Blue 



28. Collagen face treatment

One of the newer health supplements on the market, Vida Glow’s range of collagen sachets will help the woman in your life look and feel more youthful. 

Natural Marine Collagen 30 Sachets  

Blueberry Marine Collagen 30 Sachets



29. Crystal healing kit

Treat her with a relaxing massage while helping improve skin tone and encouraging skin rejuvenation. This gift will be appreciated by the Goddess in your life. 

Goddess Glow Kit 


30. Jewellery box

A beautiful and sleek jewellery box is always a welcome addition to a woman’s wardrobe but Lisa Angel’s box is a cut above. Along with being ultra-stylish, it gives you the added feature of being able to include a personal message.




This Christmas, shop the range at La La Land. You’ll find affordable gifts to suit almost every woman in your life.

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