Tray Aussie Summer Classics
Celebrate in style with this Summer Classics mini melamine tray, featuring retro Aussie treats like Bubble-O-Bill, Splice, Golden Gaytime and Rainbow Paddlepop. From our official licesnsed collection with Streets Ice Cream ®
Tray At Home For Christmas
Celebrate a quintessentially Australian Christmas and decorate your table with the At Home For Christmas mini melamine tray. This gorgeous Christmas themed tray features native Australian animals cosy in their habitats.
Tray Bob & Barb
Celebrate summer with our adorable koala couple, Bob and Barb featured on our mini melamine tray.
Tray Mother Nature
Mother Nature explores the relationship between the divine feminine and our endless beauty that our native landscape grows. Our artist, Lilly Perrott focused on capturing the detailed textures of paperbark trees, and stunning birds, fauna and native Australian flora including...
Tray Serendipity
Celebrating the beauty of all cultures by adorning these symbols on Australian native animals, this is Serendipity! Beautifully featured on our mini melamine tray!
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