Quirky Valentine's Day cards

Looking for something different this Valentine’s Day? Have some fun and choose from a range of quirky Valentine’s Day cards.

Valentine’s Day has its origins in Roman times, when soldiers were forbidden to marry. Valentine was the name of the priest who continued to marry lovers in secret (or so the story goes).

In memory of Saint Valentine, February 14th has been dedicated to

proclamations of love since the 1500s. Couples exchange gifts, cards and flowers with their special someone.

The problem is, after two or three schmaltzy Valentine’s Days with your partner, the sweeping declarations of loving obsession wear thin. Overwhelming love turns into everyday happiness and it’s time to try something new.

This year, have a little fun and enjoy the day without the need to be eye-rollingly cheesy. Forget the usual suspect gifts, get creative and have some fun with an updated approach to Feb 14th.

Quirky Valentine’s Day cards and other ‘new rules of Valentine’s Day

Say no to white teddy bears: Unless you’re 11, white teddy bears are pretty lame. They are sweet but what are you going to do with the teddy after the day? These gifts are hardly the height of fashion.

No floppy service station roses: If you’re going to buy roses, at least put in the effort and buy fresh and healthy ones. Floppy old roses just scream that you weren’t prepared.

No over-packaged, low-quality chocolates: The big love heart box might be cute but if the chocolates taste awful what’s the point? Buy a small selection of high-quality chocolates.

No more dinner for two: A table for two on Valentine’s night is done to death. Restaurants are crowded with other couples doing the same thing. It’s boring and often you end up waiting forever for your meal.

Skip the supermarket card: Don’t be one of those desperate people rummaging through the remaining four card options on V-day. Plan ahead and choose something special or quirky.



Left of centre gift ideas and quirky Valentine’s cards to match

Need some unusual date ideas this Valentine’s Day? Consider the following:

Volunteer at an animal shelter: Time spent helping feed, clean or playing with animals in need is a great way to connect with your partner. Contact the shelter beforehand to tell them what you hope to do. That way you can be of the most use.

For quirky Valentine’s day cards to match your day, check out:

- Wallabae

Art: Instead of heading to an art gallery, spend time together making your own art? Book into a class together or buy a bunch of supplies and have fun! 

A day of art pairs perfectly with La La Land’s 50 Shades of Pink card.

Surf date: If you’re a couple of beach bums, take the day off together and spend it in the surf.

Check out this quirky Tandem Sloths card to give your love a clue about your date.

Plant trees: After the bushfires of 2019/2020, planting trees is a great way to spend some time together while helping the planet. Check out your local tree-planting initiatives or just get out in the garden together. 

Help your love grow with a leafy Valentine’s Day card to match. 

Have breakfast: Most of us will be working on Valentine’s day and will be tired at the end of the day. Have a nice breakfast and coffee together before work so you can settle in for a quiet evening together at the end of the day.

I love you more than coffee… Here’s a funny Valentine’s Day card for coffee lovers.

Gift a donation: Donating to a charity in your partner’s name is not only romantic but responsible. Charities in need right now include anything to do with wildlife regeneration or koalas.

Celebrate koalas, native animals and love:
- Koala Hugs
- With Love Australia

The ideas above are just a few of the quirky Valentine’s day cards available from La La Land.

Check out the rest of our selection of Valentine’s cards and gifts at www.lalalandshop.com.au. Shop online and pay $2 shipping for six cards or more, or find a stockist near you.

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