Meet the koalas who are helping save Australia's bushland

Back in January, after the worst bushfire season, Australia has ever experienced, we partnered with the Foundation For National Parks and Wildlife (FNPW) to raise money to help rehabilitate and preserve affected Australian areas and wildlife after the catastrophic bushfires. 

A portion of proceeds from select La La Land products goes back to the earth, by regenerating our beautiful landscape with trees via our charity partner, FNPW’s Plant A Tree For Me program.

We are so excited to share our new fuzzy friends, Bob & Barb our new koala coin purses that are the newest additions to our Plant A Tree For Me range that help raise funds for FNPW.

Want to know a little bit about Bob and Barb? 

Bob is from South Australia and sadly lost his home during the January bushfires. Thanks to the amazing work of FNPW he found security and is very happy in his new home where there are lots of his favourite tree, Eucalyptus Bridgesiana! He doesn't like change very much, but he's grateful for his new home which is where he met his girlfriend, Barb.⁠

Barb is a fun-loving koala from New South Wales who was rescued from the bushfires over New Years Eve. Over her time in care where she was nurtured back to full health, she captured the hearts of all her fellow animals and carers with her confidence and charisma. ⁠

Since meeting Bob the two have been inseparable and are often found devouring countless eucalyptus leaves over a cup of bushman's tea talking about their dreams of a big protected habitat they can call their own.
When purchasing one of our koala purses or from our range of Plant A Tree For Me greeting cards, you're helping us build back habitats for Australian natives such as Bob & Barb, allowing them to return to nature and aiding in the protection of endangered Australian native flora and fauna.
Thank you for your help & support, and stay tuned for future updates on our beloved koala duo, Bob & Barb.

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