Marvellous Melamine Dinnerware

Melamine dinnerware has been the unsung hero of every Australian kitchen for decades.

This humble product is durable and practical. It makes the everyday easier while giving you the opportunity to add colour and flair to your home.

Take a look at the history of melamine dinnerware and its many benefits.

The story of melamine dinnerware

A type of moulded plastic, Melamine was invented in Germany in the 1830s. It was not till 100 years later that it started being manufactured into household items. During the second World War, the US Navy used melamine dinnerware, and from there it began to take off.

By the 1960s, melamine was ubiquitous to households in the US and Australia thanks to its affordability and functionality. Families used melamine for entire dinner sets, choosing bright colours like red, yellow and even pink to add impact to the dining table.

When melamine hit the mainstream it was used for everything from canisters to carafes. Melamine dinnerware from the 1950s and 60s is very distinctive and sets can fetch hundreds of dollars on eBay, especially if they are in good condition.

Melamine dinnerware in vintage aqua; modern twist on vintage melamine dinnerware

A rare and almost complete Melamine dinnerware set from the 1950s

Melamine dinnerware: the many benefits

The melamine of the past fell out of fashion, partly because it was susceptible to getting scratched and damaged. However, new wave melamine dinnerware is currently enjoying a resurgence.

These are some of the many reasons why melamine dinnerware makes sense.

Highly durable

Modern melamine is much more scratch resistant than it was in days gone by. This means you get a lot of use out of your melamine dinnerware for your money.

Fine china, pottery and porcelain are all susceptible to chipping and cracking. Melamine is made tough and able to stand up to many years of being washed, stacked and dropped on the floor.

BPA Free

BPA stands for bisphenol A, an industrial chemical used to make some plastics. The concern about BPA is that particles can seep into your food or liquid, causing negative side effects for your health.

While scientists don’t believe small amounts of BPA are harmful, it is reassuring to know that melamine dinnerware products do not contain this chemical.

Dishwasher safe

Cook, serve, eat… and chuck your plate in the dishwasher! Melamine dinnerware is made to stand up to everyday use, which is why it is the perfect addition to family life.

As well as happily going into the dishwasher and being more resistant to cracks and damage than other glazed dinnerware, melamine is fast drying. Pop it through a wash cycle and it will be ready to use again the moment your dishwasher is finished.

Perfect for picnics

Want something lightweight to take when you dine al fresco? Melamine dinnerware is the perfect solution.

Paper picnic plates can be fiddly and not up to the task when it comes to holding salad and bbq meats. Disposable plastic plates are handy… but not so great for the environment.

Melamine dinnerware is easy to pack in the picnic bag and can be quickly wiped clean before it makes the journey home.

Kid friendly

It is human nature to become attached to things, and also to be disappointed when they break. This is why children and china are a very bad combination!

Serving your kid’s meals on melamine dinnerware means those slips, spills and accidents aren’t such a problem. A melamine plate has to hit the floor from a much higher height than a dinner table to shatter.

Children’s melamine dinnerware comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, with hundreds of designs to make mealtimes fun.


Melamine dinnerware: simply stylish

Because melamine can be presented with an endless number of designs, you can find a melamine dinnerware set to suit any occasion or taste.

Mix and match or scour the shops for a pattern to suit your home. Go for something pretty or choose a quirky design to reflect your personality.

Take a look at these funky and original melamine plates: you’ll fall in love!

Cost effective

Need a new plate set but not looking to pay more than $50? Melamine dinnerware is the answer.

The great thing about melamine is you can afford to have some fun. Mix up your melamine dinnerware or give it as a gift with some of these unique designs:

Once you have your plate set, why stop there? Collect some matching melamine cups and add more colour to your table.

There is always an occasion that calls for Grandma’s fine dining china, but for everything else - there’s melamine! This versatile and great looking material is a welcome addition to every kitchen.

Shop La La Land’s creative and unique melamine dinnerware designs today.

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