Make Your Own La La Land Mask

Stand against the ordinary with your very own La La Land mask! We used our cotton-linen blend tea towels for the outer layer to create COVID safe medical-grade masks.


What you will need:

  • Fabric Scissors
  • One La La Land tea towel - the more illustration the better! 
  • 30x40cms of plain cotton fabric or polypropylene  
  • 30 cms of elastic - you may want to have a little extra for larger heads
  • Polyester or cotton thread
  • Sewing Machine


Print This Template:








1. Use the CUT GUIDE and template provided to cut out fabric for one mask.

2. Cut two 15cm lengths of elastic. (You may want to add additional 1-2cms depending on head size).

3. Pin the two printed fabric pieces right side together along the FRONT CURVE and sew the curve.

4. Place two pieces of plain fabric right sides together. Stack the remaining two pieces on either side so they sandwich the first two pieces. Pin and sew through all four layers along the FRONT CURVE.

5. Pin the ends of the elastic to the right side of the printed fabric at the circles marked on the template. Baste so raw edges line up.

6. Open the fabric pieces and place right sides of plain and patterned pieces together.

7. Pin around edges making sure not to catch elastic loop and sew leaving a 4cm gap at the bottom of the mask.

8. Turn right side out so print it on one side, plain in the other and elastic loops on either end.

9. Turn gap in on itself and topstitch around the edge of the mask to secure.

10. Wash mask with regular laundry soap or by hand with soap and allow to dry completely before wearing.

11. Wash your hands, with soap, or use disinfectant with at least 60% alcohol then pick up the mask and place it over your mouth and nose catching the loops over your ears to hold it in place.



This mask was created by Artist, Lilly Perrott's Mum - Mandy Perrott! Thank you Mandy!


PLEASE NOTE: Keep up to date with the latest health advice provided by the Government and the World Health Organisation in regards to cleanliness, hygiene and how to properly wear a mask.

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