Interview with La La Land's in-house artist Murilo Manzini

How would you describe your art method?
I don't have a preference for specific media. The current result of each artwork I create is a wondrous medley of various techniques and applications, including watercolour, acrylic, digital composition, markers, and mixed media. But I need to confess that because I have been practising more with digital illustration lately, the way I compose for other media has changed. Even my colour palette has evolved since then. And I'm very excited about it.
What or who inspires your work the most?
I'm fascinated by the human healing process. I see genuine beauty when some vulnerable experiences are overcome and turned into awareness and strength. I'm also a spiritualist and intuitive to everything around me, and I love to be surrounded by nature, and clean spaces.
I'm also curious about the constant cultural exchange we are involved in. For example: in some of my recent authorial projects, I have been using Australiana fauna and flora and mixing them with my tropical roots, creating a bright space for people to feel welcomed and inspired. We are all made of various and distinct references coming together as one, and this is what makes us unique.
Which of your personal or commercial artworks is your all-time favourite and why? (Include an image I can share).
The artist's range I did for La La Land is a composition I'm proud of. It was surreal to create a scene where all of my favourites idols were interacting in the same space. I always say I would spend a significant part of my life talking to these guys at the bar if I could.
There's also another collaboration I did with Hew Clothing for their AW19 collection title "ECOLOGY".
It brings more than ten pieces with my artwork on it, and its debut happened on the runway at VAMFF last March in Melbourne. 
Also, there is a mural a did recently for Broadway Shopping in Sydney. At the end of the three days of work, it was incredible to see the same artwork I did digitally stamp on a large scale like that.
Where is your dream destination to visit for inspiration?
It has to be Mexico! I made a range celebrating Frida Kahlo for La La Land recently. And when I was searching some references to compose the scenario for the illustration, I found an explosion of colours and patterns in the pictures. For sure, it is a must go.
5. How did you come to work at La La Land?
About a year ago I had the opportunity to send one of my artworks named Blooming to the person responsible for curation at La La Land. They decided to give a try to create a greeting card with that artwork. After a few months, they reached me to develop something to a brief. I made some options and picked up my portfolio and went there to present them. After a few adjustments, I was invited to become one of the in-house artist  which I have been doing since then lovingly.
Do you think your background contributes to your art in any way? 
I believe that every experience we have in life counts to the now. To work as a graphic designer in Brazil helped me a lot as well with my work for La La Land, especially in regards to packaging and finishing files. I'm also curious about techniques and media. So if I see something that instigates me, I'll give it a try.
How do you manage the process differences between creating art and working to a brief? For yourself/someone else?
Because I have a background in graphic design working for agencies in Brazil, I consider myself quite flexible when I'm creating for someone else. 
I understand that I can bring some ideas but at the end of the day I believe it is a combinations of your work and being at the same page with the client.
However, when I'm creating my original work or commissioned work, I like to follow my artist signature and to respect my current boundaries. If someone asks me to add something that I believe won't be an excellent fit for the artwork I will try to show them some alternatives. 
The main goal is to find balance when I'm creating something.
What do you get up to in your free time? Other interests/passions?
First of all, art exhibitions! I love to spend hours walking through the silent corridors of museums and also to interact with other people's arts.
Secondly, it's nature. To walk by the beach or some park and to sit there quietly doing nothing. 
And, of course, family. I love to spend a considerable amount of time with those I enjoy cooking, watching tv,  gardening, and taking care of the place. I think I learn with my mom that a happy house is a tidy house. So, I'm always taking care of the place I'm living in as well.
Who is your favourite La La Land artist and why? 
My favourite La La Land artist is my partner at work Lilly Perrott (with all respect to the others of course). 
I really enjoy spending time with her sharing knowledge and getting references for future projects. She is a real young talent, and I'm sure we all will hear a lot about her in the future. Mark this name Australia.
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