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Fiercely intelligent and independent, Mexico’s Frida Kahlo made her mark on the worlds of art and politics alike. An icon who was ahead of her time, her self-portraits have cemented their place in popular culture.

If you ask anyone to name a famous female artist, Frida Kahlo will probably be amongst the top five. Her paintings are instantly recognisable thanks to their bright colours and Frida’s strong and steady gaze.

The life of Frida

Born in Mexico in 1907 to a German father and a mixed-race mother, Frida grew to be truly passionate about her indigenous American heritage. An iconic figure, she rebelled against cultural norms in her life and art. 

Frida Kahlo and her art

A near-tragic bus accident in her late teens forced Frida to give up on the medical career she hoped for. As she recovered in bed, she relied on painting to pass the time, developing a love of self-portraiture as she worked with an easel and mirror.

After recovering from her injuries, Frida returned to her social life, soon meeting popular artist Diego Rivera. The couple married, despite being 20 years apart in age. The relationship was a tumultuous one, and the Mexican press became obsessed with ‘Diego and Frida’ (perhaps they were the Posh and Becks of their time??).

Kahlo painted prolifically through her life but sadly passed away at age 47.

Frida’s timeless popularity 

Frida Kahlo was an iconoclast. She did not believe in conforming to conventions and had no intention of ever doing so. Through raw and personal art, she exposed herself on her canvas in a way few other artists have ever been able to do. Her art is particularly remarkable given the way females were depicted in art and the media during the 1930s and 1940s.

Frida Kahlo and interior art

Despite her fixed expression and severe demeanour, Kahlo’s self-portraiture is passionate and revealing. Art lovers all over the world connect to the lavish beauty of her pieces.

In so many of Frida’s portraits, a striking woman with a distinctive monobrow and piercing eyes stares out from a background of glorious colours.

These stern but inspiring expressions led Frida to find favour with a generation of women who want to be known for more than her smile. To the empowered female of today, Frida represents the ability to be feminine but also passionate and strong.

Quick facts about Frida Kahlo

Here are a few quick facts you may not know about Frida Kahlo:

Frida Battled Beauty Stereotypes: Kahlo’s work is famous for the depiction of her dark monobrow and facial hair. While she did have the dark hair, it is believed she went out of her way to darken it further.

She Was Bisexual: Remarkably for the time, Kahlo was open about her sexuality. The artist is rumoured to have had many female lovers.

Frida Lied About Her Age: Thanks to her love of her native Mexico, Kahlo changed her age by three years. She made herself three years younger so her birth year would coincide with the 1910 Mexican Revolution. 

She Spent a Brief Period In Prison, Accused of Murder: After politician Leon Trotsky was assassinated in 1940, Kahlo and her sister were imprisoned as suspects. Trotsky had lived with Kahlo and Rivera briefly after his exile from Russia. Luckily, the sisters were cleared after only two days.

Artwork of Frida Kahlo

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