Awesome Gift Ideas For An Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day

There are countless gift ideas for Valentine’s Day; however, some of these offerings have a strong environmental impact. 

These gifts, accessories, and wraps can sometimes be detrimental to the environment. In fact, according to some, Valentine's Day is one of the less eco-conscious celebrations. It's a bit of messy celebration, with millions of printed cards sent and collected or, in certain instances, tossed straight into the trash. The air-freighted roses, the nylon lingerie set, and cuddly viscose bears sell out around the world. Good thing there are some shops available online that offer sustainable gifts for Valentine's.

Finance advisor, Shane Perry from Max Funding says, “Buy sensibly. It's entirely possible to have Valentine's Day without losing that romantic flair. From eco-friendly products to purchasing an acre of forests for them, you have plenty of choices.”

To help you narrow down the alternatives, below are fantastic gift ideas that preserve relationships and nature.

Buy a Greeting Card But Say “No” to Plastic Sleeves

Most greeting cards are recyclable; however, many brands opt to have them packaged in plastic sleeves which is an unnecessary waste. Try to avoid plastic-wrapped greeting cards when you can opt for cards that come with recyclable envelopes for packaging your greeting cards. Choose to be green, choose eco-friendly greeting cards wrapped in recyclable envelopes.

Also! You can always up-cycle your greeting cards and add some beautiful art within your home! 

Our Australian-made, reclaimed wooden frame helps do just that! 


Offer Potted Plants 

The actual price of a bunch of flowers for Valentine's Day can be very steep. If an Australian greenhouse cultivates roses, the flowers need artificial light and ventilation, resulting in considerable energy consumption and carbon pollution. 

Consider the original green gift idea a potted plant can offer if you want to give something sustainable for Valentine's Day. Since there are so many choices, you’ll find a potted plant that suits the giftee’s personality. Alternatively you can make little cuttings and plant them up in fun objects like teacups or old bottles.


Love Seeds Confetti

Save your confetti bombs and resist yourself from buying party poppers ordered from shops. They may be romantic but might also have a significant influence on the environment, plus many contain non degradable glitter. Go after heart-shaped growable eco-confetti. They are cute when scattered over, but once you leave them on the field, they'll sprout into wildflowers, like daisies and dahlias. 


Reusable Eco-bags

Show your loved ones that you truly love them by preparing their lunch as they go to work. Pack their lunch or snacks with reusable eco-bags. This little surprise will remind them to eat more home-packed meals and be healthier, especially when the bag comes in a stunning print and certified sustainable waterproof fabric. With reusable eco-bags, your sweetheart's lunch would never be as cute as ever. 

Aside from lunch bags, reusable shopping bags are also women’s must-have!


Gift With A Purpose

The best way to promote sustainability is by buying from shops that have eco-friendly practices

Consider stores that offer environment-friendly products and services. Choose those that give high value on the common good and not on profits alone.

La La Land values sustainability and we look forward to living in a world that's safer and healthier. You can browse our eco-friendly category to find some great gifts for your love this Valentine's day!


Words by Alexandra Beck



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