La La Land have proudly collaborated with disability equipment distributor Push Mobility to offer Australians with disabilities a range of designer push hubs.

Keeping functionality, safety and style in mind Push Mobility and La La Land have designed 15 unique push hubs.
Artworks by La La Land’s fabulous in-house artists Lilly Perrott and Murilo Manzini, the hubs protect wheelchair users’ fingers and hands whilst adding personality and fun to anyone’s wheelchair.

Made and designed in Australia by Push Mobility, the high-quality hubs are light weight and are easily applied and removed.
They are a slight cone shape with a small inner gap, making the wheel look complete and stylish.

These push hubs are great conversation starters and really allow wheelchair users to express their personalities and personal style.
From dog lovers, to beautiful Australia flora and abstract designs, there is something for everyone.

Floral Paradiso

Frida's Paradise

Wild Fur You

Abstract Jungle



Made and designed in Australia

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