I want to be a La La Land artist! How do I submit my work?

La La Land recommends that all artists and illustrators submit their work through social media, specifically our facebook page. This allows us to give quick feedback while sharing new work with our customers. As a rule, please make no more than two posts a day on our facebook page. We want fans of La La Land to be able to view a range of works from different artists rather than ten posts in a row from the same artist. If possible, please include a link to your website and we will contact you if we require more images.


Alternatively, you can email a PDF of selected artworks to submissions[at]lalalandshop.com.au - we receive a very high volume of emails to this address, so although we endeavour to reply to every email we receive, it may take us a little while to get back to you.


By submitting your work by email you agree that La La Land may share it via facebook, twitter, pinterest and instagram. Getting the opinions of our customers during the submissions process is important because after all, they're the ones purchasing La La Land products!


Is La La Land looking for any particular subjects for products?

We are currently looking for the following:

  • Artwork that would suit greeting cards for men. Think of cards your dad, brother, son or husband would like.
  • Quirky Australiana themed artwork featuring Australian animals, people, places and things. Preferably no images of landmarks.
  • Artwork with a message - birthday, wedding, get well, love.

We recommend browsing our website for inspiration for what we are looking for. We would advise any potential La La Land artist to view the work of Terry Fan, Paula Mills, Martijn van der Linden and Kirbee Lawler.

What happens when I submit my work?

With all artwork submitted on our facebook page we try to give some brief feedback and may share your work on our page and may ask for more images. If your submission is successful, we will contact you to request larger scale images and additional details for your contract.

The time between submission and launch of a La La Land product featuring your artwork will depend on the time of year. La La Land has two big launches in February and August of each year, so most new artists will be reviewed around these times. The La La Land team will meet and view all submissions together to determine which images are best suited to the launch. This is why we cannot always give immediate feedback.

We love submissions of all kinds, however there may be artworks that we feel will not work on La La Land products. This doesn't mean we don't like your work, we just know from experience what our customers will purchase. If your initial submission is unsuccessful, take a look at our existing products - the subjects, styles and themes - and keep trying. We keep a record of all submissions and love seeing artists develop their style over time!

If one of my artworks is used for a La La Land product, can I continue to sell it as a print in my own store/allow another company to use it?

Yes. Our artist contracts allow you to continue selling your artwork in your own store, however we ask that you do not reproduce the artwork on the same type of product that La La Land is using it for. For example, if your artwork is featured on a greeting card, we ask that you do not make it available on greeting cards for other companies, however making it available on a different product such as a t-shirt is acceptable.

Do artists receive commission for their work?

Our artists receive a commission of 15% for posters and 10% for all other products. La La Land also offers priceless exposure for artists through our 500+ stockists in Australia and New Zealand as well as its social media following of 5,000+.

Can I design something specifically for La La Land?

Absolutely, however you must still submit some work to us first either via our facebook page or submissions email. We have projects in development in a regular basis which may be suitable for your style, so when contacting us please mention that you are interested in working to a brief and we will be in touch.

I want to design a La La Land greeting card/mini card/poster - what are the dimensions I should use?

These are the dimensions for our most popular products, however we recommend supplying images slightly bigger than the final size to allow for cropping and bleed:

Greeting Cards - 14 x 14 cm with an inside spread of 28 x 14 cm. Our greeting cards have artwork inside and out.
Mini Greeting Cards - 8 x 8 cm. Our mini greeting cards have no artwork inside.
Posters - 42 x 59.4 cm - A2 size.

I'd like to do work experience/an internship at La La Land! How do I go about this?

La La Land Design House is a great design internship program that gives participants the opportunity to work to briefs and produce original products that are distributed Australia-wide, which is great for your portfolio.

We are based in Marrickville in Sydney, Australia, so you'll need to be able to work from our office to get the full experience, but we will occasionally accept interstate participants. Please use our contact form to express interest in this program.

Check out the La La Land Design House artist page to see previous projects that have been worked by our interns and in-house design team.

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