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    La La Land team

    We are about artists. We are about inspiring happiness and creativity. We are about standing against the ordinary.

    We are La La Land, a Sydney based Australian brand supporting artists here and around the world by bringing you their works on cards, gifts and homewares.

    Everything we do is about that moment when one of our pieces makes you smile and laugh and share something special.

    We are about you.

    You the people - and making a human connection with you through art that evokes magic, memories and happiness. Through every piece every day, you enter the world of La La Land.

    You the retailers - offering you a brand that is affordable, unconventional, inspirational and on the forefront of trends. We are about you; sharing happiness, creativity and beauty one person, and one special occasion at a time.

    You the artists - you are as much a part of La La Land as our team, customers and retailers. We are about providing you with an exposure that allows a large number of people to connect with your work. We offer our artists a commission program and our design and art students an internship program. Your process and finished works are treated with the utmost respect and care.

    You the online community - this is a space to engage, between customers, retailers, artists and our team. A space where together we can all share artworks, processes, pieces we have purchased, in-store merchandising, and our inspirations and discoveries. It is a creative hub where we come together from around the world and around the clock, where we share and create and support one another.