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    popcorn blue

    The kind of art that sparks the imagination. The kind of art that is the stuff of dreams. The kind of art that inspires boys and girls, and adults too. The kind of art that is whimsical, quirky and so unique you want to embrace it and make it yours. The kind of art that is so meticulous in detail that it fascinates and captivates. In short, celebrated artist, Sarah Hardy produces the kind of art that connects human hearts. Imagine rabbits having high tea; or foxes turned Vegan; elephants not only flying, but flying a zeppelin balloon; a whale shark indulgence in a Victorian bathtub: and a snail, not with a house on its back, but an entire city! Now that’s original! Even her company name, Popcorn Blue conjures up images that delight the imagination, and Sarah just loves to produce beautiful artworks in various formats, from high quality archival prints, cards, published books and original artworks.