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    2022 Calendars and Diary

    2022, the year we've all been waiting for! Maybe, just maybe this is the year we get to go back to normal and what better way to celebrate such a significant year than launching BRAND NEW calendars designs!

    A3 GALLERY CALENDARS: Our 2022 Gallery calendar showcases 12 stunning La La Land artworks that can be torn out and framed once the month is complete!

    2022 LA LA LAND CALENDAR: Our annual La La Land calendar is back for all you OG La La Land fans, featuring 12 of our artists at 20x20cm.

    2022 LA LA LAND DIARY: Our beloved A5 hardcover diary is back! Featuring week-to-week page layouts, exciting extras like cut-out-cards, stickers, notes, contacts and even a bit of financial planning! Each page lovingly adorned with our Exotic Paradiso illustrations.